Friday, 23 October 2009

Dorien Plaat

I recently received an email from painter Dorien Plaat
She'd seen Sweet Nothings at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and wanted to share some of her images with me.

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Donatelle said...

hi vanessa !
this is donatelle,.
how are you ?
all my wishes for this new year, full of photography i hope :)
i wanted to give you the link to my blog, i'll be very happy to have some return from you, if you've time.
here it is :
i hope all is fine for you.
i looked at the work of dorien plaat and i found it really interesting ans sensible, i like this kind of painting.
i'm very busy this year, working on my diploma. i wrote a text about my mother's childhood. i would like to find the time to traduce it but that's too long...
but i'll be posting some of the illustrations soon on my blog.
thanks again for everything in latvia, many things changed since i made this fantastic trip. i feel really good now :)
waiting for your news.
take care.

kind regards.