Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Side Gallery

The Side Gallery along with Amber films and cinema has a long history, and is one of the only galleries in the UK completely devoted to documentary photography and film.
The Side is a real gem and has supported many photographers over the years.
One of my early favorite photographers, Chris Killip was one of the directors of the early days of the gallery in the seventies.
Killip's In Flagrante has recently been remade as one of the Books on Books series by Errata Editions.
The Side also has an incredible archive including Killip, Weegee, Iturbide,Konttinen, Chapman, Davies, Steel Perkins....and more.

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Alvamed said...

Vanessa, I'm from Spain, and today i know you, and I´m impressed with your photos, that are wonderful. I enjoy with your work, thanks for these moments. Regards.