Thursday, 22 July 2010

Photoespana Descubrimientos 2010

For the first time ever I participated in a portfolio review.
It was part of the Descubrimientos
I just wanted to highlight a couple of the other photographers I met there (one of the nicest parts of the whole process in fact).
The First is Nelli Palomaki who's been making some great portraits of children. First 2 images.
The second Photographer is Georges Pacheco
I really love this series "The Memory of Tears"


Floral said...


Fred Bell said...

Your photos are so simple and smart. Less is more, I guess. I show at Portrait Society too and will go down to see your show on Friday. Your work has gone over great and I look forward to seeing the show. The opening was too crowded.

vanessa winship said...

Floral, Yes I thought so too.

Fred, Many thanks. Glad to hear the place was so crowded.
I hope you enjoy a second look.
Will take a look at your work these next days..on the road again today, but will find time on my return.