Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Side Gallery

The Side Gallery along with Amber films and cinema has a long history, and is one of the only galleries in the UK completely devoted to documentary photography and film.
The Side is a real gem and has supported many photographers over the years.
One of my early favorite photographers, Chris Killip was one of the directors of the early days of the gallery in the seventies.
Killip's In Flagrante has recently been remade as one of the Books on Books series by Errata Editions.
The Side also has an incredible archive including Killip, Weegee, Iturbide,Konttinen, Chapman, Davies, Steel Perkins....and more.

Paul Strand

Just for the hell of it....have a bit of a look around the net

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Arja Hyytiäinen

I just wanted to write a post about a photographer whose work I really like.
I first met Arja Hyytiäinen at the offices of VU, the agency we are both members of.
We were both nervously preparing to visit a publisher...
Arja's book Distance Now published by Images en Manoeuvres is now available from VU as a special edition.
Arja currently has an exhibition on at the V8 gallery at Mohrenstrasse 2, 50670 Cologne.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Rafal Milach

I met Rafal Milach at last years World Press Photo in Amsterdam, so I was delighted to hear he'd won this years Photography Book Now award.
I thought it would be interesting to make a joint exhibition with my own work from the Black Sea sometime.

Dorien Plaat

I recently received an email from painter Dorien Plaat
She'd seen Sweet Nothings at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and wanted to share some of her images with me.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Alina Orlova

And if you happen t0 be awake in the early hours here's a link to Alina Orlova's My Space site
sent to me recently by Anna Block whose work I posted about recently, thanks Anna

Alisa Resnik

I met Alisa Resnik recently at the opening of the new Spazio Prospekt space.
She recently joined Prospekt Photographers. Her images will be appearing on their site soon.
In the meantime you can see more of her image on the Toscana Photographic Workshop site and on the Wine Photo Festival site where she was one of this years winners.
Here are a few of her images.( all images copyrighted to the artist)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

SIFEST Savignano, Italy

I recently received an email from Massimo Sordi who curated a show of emerging photographers, called Global Photography at the Italian Photo Festival/SIFEST, in Savignano, www.sifest.eu.
Here are a couple of images from Massimo's own work from his pinhole series. These particular images are from the Bergman set.( copyrighted to the artist)
Photographers featured in the Global Photography show include:
evan baden (USA)/catherine balet (F)/mathieu bernard-reymond (CH)/michele cera (I)/samantha cohn (USA)/jen davis (USA)/wolfram hahn (D)/alessandro imbriaco/francesco millefiori (I)/seba kurtis (ARG)/molly landreth (USA)/kalpesh lathigra (UK)/maria leutner (D)/andrés marroquín winkelmann (PERU)/colin pantall (UK)/andrew phelps (A)/martine poussier (F)/blerim racaj (UK)/richard renaldi (USA)/frank rothe (D)/carla van de puttelaar (NL)/shen wei (CINA).
Fabio Severo of www.hippolytebayard.com. was one of this years reviewers take a look at his posts about the festival.


I wanted to make a couple of posts before I set off on the road.
More from the participants of ISSP
From top to bottom Andrijs Strokins, Oskars Pastars, Grigory Rudko, and Evita Goze
All images copyrighted to the artists

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Prospekt Photographers

Last Friday I was at the inauguration of the new Prospekt photographers space.
My partner George Georgiou is one of the photographers of this small agency with a growing reputation, and also one that seems to be surviving in a difficult market. Now they have a new gallery to show off their works.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Stefanie Schneider

I met Stefanie Schneider in Les Rencontres D'Arles last year where she was one of the artists nominated for the discovery awards.
I recently received an email from her with the news that she has signed with the Bruce Silverstein gallery so congratulations.
I really like her usage of expired Polariod film.

Anna Block

I'm posting a few images of the students from the ISSP workshop in Latvia this summer.
Unfortunately most of the participants don't have their own websites, so I will just add their names for you to follow.
The first is Anna Block from Russia who has made a project based around her memories of childhood.
Anna makes many of her images using the Lith printing process, unfortunately the screen doesn't really do them justice.

More to follow

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I returned recently from teaching a workshop at ISSP a photography summer school in Latvia.

This is its fourth year. I can't praise enough the dedication and commitment of the people behind the organization, who are : Baiba Tetere, Jūlija Berkoviča, Arnis Āboliņš, Egils Grasmanis, thanks for finding me!
Other tutors were Eiko Grimberg (Germany), Mehmet Kismet (Turkey), Peeter Linnap (Estonia) Iveta Vaivode (Latvia) & Alexander Gronsky (Russia).
I knew Mehmet from Turkey, but it was great to meet with another group of photographers whose work I was unfamiliar with.
From top to bottom Peeter Linnap, Alexander Gronsky, Iveta Vaivode, Eiko Grimbergand Mehmet Kismet. ( all images copyrighted to the artists)
I'll be posting some images from some of the participants in the coming days.