Wednesday, 16 March 2011

George Georgiou Athens House of Photography

If any of you are in Athens please take a trip to see George Georgiou's Faultlines exhibition at the
Athens house of Photography.
The gallery space is very new George's work is only the second exhibition they've put on.
The opening is tomorrow evening

For anyone living or visiting Paris, my exhibition  Not Only Rare Birds Sing at Galerie VU  is still on.
Closes on the 19th

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rober Frank Walker Evans

I was in Switzerland the other week to lead a workshop on Portraits at MAZ..
On the train from Zurich airport to the main train station you are treated to the sounds of bird song and cow bells...I thought of Robert Frank....
and then of course I thought of Walker Evans who Frank assisted ....

Jason Eskenazi is compiling a list of photographers favorite choices from Frank's The Americans along with their reasons why they chose the particular image...
Here are two images that have touched me from Franks work along with one of Evan's images.
Sick of Goodbys of course was not part of The Americans book but made several years later ....
All images copyrighted to the artists