Saturday, 18 September 2010

Summer Sifestival in Savignano Italy

The summer continued with Sifestival in Savignano

I wrote about this festival last year.
This year I was invited to participate in the Global Photography exhibition.
It was a pity not have been able to be there as there were several works I would have really liked to have seen as an exhibition, including Roger Ballen who I mentioned earlier.

My attention has been drawn to Mark Steinmetz's work, a photographer I wasn't really familiar with until relatively recently.

Other works include Simon Robert's We English
Amy Stein's Domesticated ( as part of the Global Photography group)
Finally Joakim Eskildsen's Roma journals.
All images copyrighted to the photographers
sorry I can't figure out the ordering of the images...small technicalities sometime defeat me..please forgive me!


It's been a busy summer.
If anyone's considering going on a workshop next year then this is the one I would happily recommend. An intense week of photography taught by fantastic and creative teachers.
Last year I was invited teach at ISSP in Latvia, this year George was invited and I went along as a guest reviewer and floating assistant.
Other teachers this year included Roger Ballen, Peter Bialobrzeski, Ville Lenkkeri, Veronique Bourgin, and finally Andrei Polikanov,.
Images copyrighted to Peter Bialobrezeski and Roger Ballen respectively.